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What is the difference between Duma Sale and Duma Forklifts?

You may have noticed it already. Instead of Duma Forklifts, we now use the term Duma Sale. Nevertheless we should emphasize that the legal name of the company is still Duma Forklifts NV. We have however slightly modified the commercial name seeing as the flag no longer covered the cargo the last few years.

Indeed, since 1969 Duma Forklifts mainly engaged in the purchase and sale of forklifts. In the 30 years that followed Duma Forklifts grew from a small newcomer into an international player in the forklift truck market.

The establishment of Duma Rent ushered in a new era. Besides forklifts there were plenty of other machinery purchased for the rental division such as telehandlers, aerial platforms, excavators, dump trucks, rollers and many other machinery. After a two-odd years or so, these machines were removed from the rental fleet and sold by the sales division of Duma. Since we are therefore not only selling forklifts, we opted to project ourselves as Duma Sale.

Where Duma Forklifts thus purely focused on the purchase and sale of forklifts, Duma Sale specializes in the purchase and sale of all machinery for construction and industry.