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Our base along the E17 in Marke (Belgium)

Founded in 1969 and acquired in 1971 by Gino Debrabandere and Marie-Thérèse Tytgat, the company was situated along Haringstraat in rural Bavikhove, a borough of Harelbeke. From there Duma rapidly grew from a small unknown newcomer in the forklift truck market into a major player on the European stage. Due to the large number of forklifts that were bought, stored and sold, Duma Forklifts soon literally burst at the seams on their premises in Bavikhove.

In 2002, an industrial estate along the Torkonjestraat in Marke caught the eye of the family Debrabandere, which was not unimportantly for sale. With a total area of 22,000 sqm and a prime location along the busy thoroughfare E17, this was a golden opportunity to ensure the continued growth of Duma. After purchasing this brand new base, the relocation of our machinery was soon initiated. By the end of 2001 the offices and studios were also moved to this new site in Marke. In the front part of the buildings, the offices were housed. In addition to our sales department, our management, administration, accounting, planning & marketing are also situated here. Behind the offices there are three large workshops where our mechanics work on the machines. In addition to the work areas, you will also find a welding shop and a spray and steam room. In the rear part of the building there is a covered storage area where our forklifts are kept.

Today, the Torkonjestraat in Marke is the base of all divisions of the Duma group, being the rental division Duma Rent, the transportation division Duma Trans and the sales subsidiary Duma Sale. Along the E17, on the area of 22,000 m², more than 1300 new and used machines are displayed to rent out or sell.

In addition to our office in Marke, Duma Rent also has a 2nd location in the French Dunkirk from where Duma Rent France rents our construction and industrial equipment for the northern French market.