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More than 45 years of experience

Duma Sale is distinguished primarily by its long experience in the field of machinery for construction and industry.

Since 1968 Duma has only accumulated decades of experience in the sale of high-quality forklifts.

Through the establishment of the rental division Duma Rent in 2007, the fleet was expanded with aerial platforms, scissor lifts, excavators, dump trucks, rollers and many other machines.

At present we at Duma Sale can assure you that no existing machine still holds secrets for our Duma Sale team. 

Stalwart service from A to Z

At Duma Sale we make every effort to provide you with impeccable service from A to Z.

First and foremost, you will find that our professional sales consultants are always ready to guide you in choosing the best machines. We will work with you to find the best machine that meets your needs and your budget.

In our workshops in Marke, a large team of professionals such as mechanics, technicians, welders and cleaners works round the clock. The combination of their individual knowledge and experience is the brain and the strength behind Duma Sale. Every day our craftsmen tinker on the machines so that our machine fleet is always in top condition. 

We also provide a private transport and intervention service that is always ready to deliver any piece of equipment and to quickly and efficiently help you with any problems. 

At Duma Sale, you do not just buy a machine, you buy an overall service from A to Z. 


Innovation is evolving

The world of machiny never stops. Every year, new and higher performance machines are launched and existing machines are perfected.

Since 1969, Duma Sale has been closely monitoring every development in the machinery market. That way we can always offer you the latest solutions and latest technologies.

Within this perspective, Duma Sale pays special attention to further training of the human capital of its company. Whereas our sales team will be kept informed of the latest machine and market trends, our workers are trained in the area of the latest technology, machinery & parts.

At Duma Sale we firmly believe that innovation leads to evolution: the evolution of our machinery, evolution of our knowledge and experience, evolution of our company and especially evolution of the solutions we can offer you. 

Machines customised to your needs

At Duma Sale we realize that every company uses a machine in their own way and for their own specific projects.

Since the majority of the machines are manufactured in series, they all possess "just" about the same standard features.

At Duma Sale we listen to your specific needs and work with our professionals to fully adapt the machine in our workshops to meet your requirements.

From adding extra accessories to the existing features, spraying the machine, to repairing any possible damages: Duma Sale does everything in its power to turn a machine into your machine. 


CE certification: your guarantee of security & compliance

The CE mark is - simply put - a mark which is applied by a manufacturer to his product after a machine has been brought into line with the requirements of the European Union. Only then may the product be marketed within the EU.

Security and Compliance is what blazes our trail! Our machines also comply with all currently applicable mandatory and harmonized standards. All this can be done solely with independent European authorities. Duma takes up a neutral mind-set in this perspective, which obviously benefits the customer.