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History Duma Sales: specialist in selling forklifts and machines for construction and industry

Two years after its inception, in 1969, newcomer Duma N.V. from Bavikhove was passed into the ownership of the family Debrabandere. After a modest launch in purchasing, selling and repairing high quality forklift trucks, the company continued to steadily grow, flourish, innovate and evolve.

In 1990, the second generation took over the helm at Duma Forklifts. Thanks to outstanding commercial relations with the Far East, the amount of forklifts continued to steadily grow in the following years. By focusing on quality, excellent service and the expertise of our Duma-team, Duma revealed itself to be a leading player in Europe over the years. At present, Duma is regarded as one of the global leaders in the forklift truck market.

In 2002, moving to the current premises along the E17 to the Torkonjestraat in Marke became compulsory. At present, this location displays both for sale and for rent more than 1,300 machines, new and used, on an area of 22,000 m².

In 2007 Duma Rent was born and baptised. This company focuses on the hiring of current construction & industry machinery for both short- and long-term projects. The first rental location of Duma Rent was in the French Dunkerque and due to its great success, it was quite quickly followed by a Belgian rental division in Marke. In a rapid pace, Duma Rent turned into one of the main players on the Belgian and northern French rental market.

Since the founding of our Rental Division, many new machines are purchased annually. Besides forklifts there are also telehandlers, aerial platforms, excavators and many other construction machines of all kinds of brands. These machines are removed from the rental fleet after a short time and offered for sale as young, perfectly maintained machines.

The name Duma Forklifts therefore no longer covered the content of its business and it was decided to create a new division, named Duma Sale. The sales department replaces the former Duma Forklifts and focuses on selling all kinds of machinery for construction and industry. Depending on the desired budget, you can find anything ranging from new machines to young and well maintained second-hand models at Duma Sale.

In addition to Duma Sale and Duma Rent a third division was set up in 2014, by the name of Duma Trans. Duma Trans takes transportation of sold and rented construction and industrial machinery into account.

Duma Sale, Duma Rent en Duma Trans are the three pillars of the Duma Group, now rightfully able to present itself as the specialist in the sale, rental and transportation of machinery for construction and industry.