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The DumA-team: the priceless human capital of Duma Sale

The invaluable wealth of Duma Sale consists of the commitment, knowledge and experience of qualified professionals that make up the human capital of our company. Every employee in our company has its own specialty and is an indispensable link in the chain that drives our progress.

The captain of Duma Sale, Stephan Debrabandere, took over from his father Gino Debrabandere & Marie-Thérèse Tytgat in the early 90s. The knowledge, experience and passion for the machine market were passed down from father to son and made sure that Duma Sale, troughout its more than 45 years of existence, grew from an unknown newcomer located in the South West Flemish countryside into an international player in selling construction and industrial machinery.

Throughout the years, both captains managed to surround themselves with numerous skilled professionals who ensure that Duma Sale continues to develop successfully.

Duma Sale houses an experienced sales team that has developed over the years a close-knit global network of customers and prospects. Every day they provide a listening ear for their customers and make every effort to assist them in their search for the ideal machine at the appropriate budget.

Another focus of Duma Sale is the ever-bustling purchase service who screens the global machine market on a daily basis in search of opportunities. Launching a new machine? Selling a used machine? The dismissal of a number of demo units? Every opportunity is viewed by our purchasing department with the purpose of meeting the needs of our customers.

However, the hull of our ship, our workshop, accommodates our greatest wealth. After all, that is where we house our work-driven craft people, each of them an expert in their particular field. With great finesse and passion, their rough hands shape and form a standard machine to meet your needs and your wishes. Improving, repairing, welding, customizing, repainting, filling or cleaning? For every job we have one or more specialists. Together they work on your machine as if it were their own.

Duma Sale can also count on the enormous task of the transport division Duma Trans. This team of dedicated drivers is ready day and night for picking up or delivering the purchased and sold machines on time where necessary.

On the deck of the Duma Sale-ship, management is assisted by an enthusiastic financial and administrative team. Where the accountancy department leads import and outgoing transactions in the right direction, the administrative team makes the telephone, email and postal traffic flowing into the right places.

Last but not least, the captain can also count on a creative marketing service that translates the identity of our company to visual and spoken language and who observes and manages the overall appearance of the Duma Sale-ship both short and long term.

At Duma Sale we realize that our company is more than one site, a building and a large fleet of machines. The greatest wealth is our human capital. The Duma Sale-ship was in fact built by people, was then made great by people and now is operated daily by people. Their knowledge, their experience, their commitment and their passion transformed Duma Sale into a specialist in the sale of machinery for construction and industry.